Lecturer Exchange Program Accomplished successfullyJanuary 23, 2018

The exchange project between our school and the Indonesian teachers' University of (UGM) Career Academy was carried out smoothly

On October 8, 2017, Indonesia plus Zagreb university vocational college Yohana motor and Rizky two teachers arrived in school for a month of teachers exchange program. On the welcome ceremony, Vice President Xiaoping Huang on behalf of the school of their arrival, a warm welcome and express the good wishes and expectations.

Subsequently, Indonesia teacher came to the exchange project docking school Professor. Zhao-hui Wang, dean of school of foreign languages college teachers to Indonesia introduced institutional Settings, and lead them to visit the school office and training rooms, meet with school teachers and foreign teachers.

In the project of the first two weeks, Yohana teacher with professor .Zhao-hui Wang are specialized courses teaching, cooperation study and cultural lecture project tasks carried on the thorough exchange, watched the teacher life of the curriculum teaching. Indonesia teacher carefully diverse teaching design and teaching methods to our teachers and students left a deep impression.

Yohana teacher also many times to participate in teaching activities, and teachers of teaching research. Focus on teaching reform in college English teaching, information and cross-cultural communication course construction and so on has carried on the exchange, said benefit, will learn to many of the leading edge of teaching and research method back to Indonesia, to share with my colleagues

 On October 17, Yohana carried out by the teacher lecture titled "Wonderful" Indonesia or Indonesia culture, attracted nearly two hundred students to actively participate in the school. Indonesia's unique culture and traditional customs attracted deeply by all of the classmates, you have expressed hope to have chance to study or travel to Indonesia.

 On October 24, our school opens the "area" of international culture and art week activities, Indonesia jointly attended the Shu embroidery,made leather workshop activities.

In addition to the teaching and scientific research work, the college also arranged for the teacher to go out to visit Indonesia, giving them a chance to in-depth understanding of the Sichuan province has a long history of culture, splendid Bashu culture and appreciate the beautiful natural scenery.

 October 31, was held in the building B401 Indonesia exchange project summary on teachers, Yohana teachers with rich text and images shows this month in our work and life situation, as well as in classroom teaching, teaching and researching activities, local cultural experience, "area" of international culture and art week series activities experience and harvest, traditional and modern perfect combination of Chengdu heartfelt praise, for our warm and thoughtful reception and hard work of teachers and students to express our heartfelt thanks to you for. Photograph taken all the teachers and students, in the hope that the friendship between the two countries.

In November, the exchange of teachers in our school professor zhao-hui Wng will go to Indonesia (UGM) plus Zagreb motor university vocational college exchange for a month. elieve that with the advance of teachers exchange program, will further enhance teaching and research of exchanges and cooperation with each other, at the same time, it will further enhance our school teachers for teaching and scientific research ability, expand their international perspective.

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