Former Secretary of Nepalese President visit our CollegeSeptember 9, 2016

On 11st July, 2016, former Secretary of Nepalese President, Mr. Ram Babu Adhikari, as well as the Vice President of Chuankai Industrial Coorperation, Mr. Hu Kui, paid a visit to our College. College President, Prof. Xiaping welcomed the guests warmly, Director of International Affairs Office, Ms. Zhang Xiaoqian and Director of Science and Technology Department, Mr. Liu Xiaodong attended the conference.

Firstly, with the company of Mr. Zhang Xugui, Director of College Affairs Office, our guests paid visits to Shu-Embroidery Centre, Training base of Textile School and Apparel School, Students¡¯ costume work exhibition, Costume Museum of Southwest Minority Chinese and Ancient furniture museum in the Ming- and Qing dynasty with great gusto. Mr. Adhikari and Mr. Hu spoke highly of our College¡¯s advanced teaching method, which combines Education with Industry closely.

In the later conference, College President, Prof. Xia Ping gave a brief introduction of our college to the guests. Mr. Adhikari also pointed out: as friendly neighbors, Nepal has been a very intimate cooperation and relations with China for a very long time. Since Nepal suffered from Earthquake 2015, Nepalese government had taken relevant measures to rebuild the country and also its economy. Mr. Adhikari also said, he was deeply impressed by the training base of the Textile School and Fashion School and looking forward to having cooperation with us, so that not only Nepal¡¯s, the Economic and Cultural Communications between China and Nepal will also be promoted.

President Xia Ping gave detailed and integrated overview of our College¡¯s close combination with the Textile Industry chain to the guests afterwards. He also emphasized, a part from the Textile School and Apparel School, other Schools of our College are also the main developing object. For instance, our College also has the tourism English major in the Foreign Language School and Environmental Monitoring major in the Electrical Engineering School. As elite vocational college, we have two working aims; one is combining our education with international advanced element intimately; the other is combining the education with current industrial chain closely.

At last, Mr. Adhikari said, he wishes to have closer cooperation with our College in the near future, in order to serve ¡°The Belt and Road¡± national policy and make contribution to the friendly relations between China and Nepal.




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