Student Exchange ProgramsApril 15, 2014

Since now, we have established friendly relationship with many foreign countries and executed some international exchange programs. We have already sent our students to America, Germany, Taiwan and HongKong and also had students from America, Germany, Indonesia, Laos for a study and visit.


Chengdu Textile College-Universitas Gadjah Mada two-week program

Early in July 2013, the President of Universitas Gadjah Mada, Mr. Hotma Prawoto Sulistyadi, visited CDTC. Both colleges have reached an agreement of student exchange program. Then, later in November, according to the agreement, CDTC had 7 students and a teacher visit Universitas Gadjah Mada, and vice verse. The program is made up of approximately 100 hours of contact time, including lectures, discussions, workshops and cultural excursions. It can help students gain international experience, learn under different educational and cultural system, promote mutual understanding and make friends with people from different country.    Show of Chinese Painting




     Chengdu Textile College-Juniata College Student Cultural Excursion

The two colleges have already successfully sent students overseas. The program is a short-term visit and excursion. American students come to CDTC for an experience of some local arts, such as Shu Embroidery and folk dyeing. They also go to visit some cultural heritage sites. Its aims are mainly to broaden studentí»s international view, to promote mutual understanding and brighten our culture.



Student Short-term Study in Germany

 F+U Sachsen gGmbH have cooperated with us for a long time and executed training of many groups of CDTC teachers. In August this year, 15 students finished 21-day study in Germany. It is the beginning of student program. The students listen to lectures, visit museums and factories, discuss with German teachers and travel some cities. The students are able to acknowledge the vocational education system in Germany, experience the German culture and understand the German people.





Student Short-term Visit in Taiwan

Kun Shan University of Technology in Taiwan is our sister college. We have cooperated in teacher training and visited each other before. In July this year, we first sent 12 students to Kun Shan University of Technology for 6 days. CDTC students have listened to their lectures, visited its labs, participated its student activities and had cultural excursion. Through the short-term visit, we aim to nurture our students, to promote the friendship between the mainland and Taiwan.


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