Connie Zhang ScholarshipNovember 24, 2015

Connie Zhang Scholarship, named by Zhang Connie, Chinese American, aims to subsidize students excellent in study and enthusiastic in volunteering activities. Connie Zhang Scholarship begun from 2010 until now, and issued once a year. Until now, there are more than 15 students benefits from the scholarship and the total amounts reach to 120,000 Yuan. All the full-time students in our college can apply.

Brief introduction of Connie Zhang:

Chinese American, female, born in May, 1994 in L.A.. Now, she is a college student in Business School, University of South California, America. She makes money herself by doing part-times jobs and saves it to assist those excellent students.



Address: No.186. Taishan south street.Xipu. Chengdu. Sichuan. China