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Chih-Hsiao Joseph Lee


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Extensive executive-level experience as trusted government IT policy advisor; on enterprise-level technology vision/roadmap evangelism; and on government relationship, analyst/public relationship.

Extensive experience on international sales, marketing, business development, project management, customer technical support , and offshore manufacturing for full spectrum of communication/IT products.

Technical expertise on platform software (OS, database, middleware) including cloud computing; IP-based LAN/WAN/data communication systems; optical transmission systems, optoelectronics; and fiber optics.


Reads, writes, and speaks Chinese.



Ph.D. E.E., Iowa State University, Ames, lowa, 1977

M.S. E.E., State University of New York, Stonybrook, NY, 1972

B.S. E.E., National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan, 1971



7-2009 to present       Senior Advisor on IT strategy for TCL¡¯s Leadership Team. TCL is the leading ICT devices(Internet TV, mobile phones, MID) supplier and eLearning provider in China(                                                                                            

11-2004 to 6-2009    National Technology Officer (Regional CTO)

                                    Greater China Region

                                    Microsoft (China)

                                       Beijing, China

           The NTO role serves as the trusted advisor for regional government¡¯s IT policy (procurement, standard, indigenous innovation, IPR, etc.) makers. The NTO has primary responsibility for maintaining local technology policy environment which supports Microsoft subsidiary growth objectives.


                                    Specifically NTO:


l                  Establishes MS thought leadership in national economic development strategy-i.e. how technology enables the next transformation and service-oriented economy.

l                  Drives satisfaction: Build long-term relationships to ensure MS have friends in the key policy making communities and standards bodies to secure the adoption of standards supported in MS products (OOXML, UIA, VC-1, XPS, etc.) in eGov standards framework.

l                  Wins customers: secure the MS platform adoption by ensuring governments understand the transformative power of technologies, and the benefits of neutral technology policy (merit-based and less preference for domestic software, open source software).

l                  Innovates: Deliver innovative solutions and programs to extend our reach with current and future policy makers, ensuring the next generation of policy makers have an up-to-date education on technology trends.

l                  Grows people: Hire, retain, and develop great people who mirror the markets we serve.

Within the tough MNC(especially Microsoft)-unfriendly China software market, after 4 years worth of cultivation, I have been instrumental on:

?            Winning the hearts and minds of many(tens of) technology policy elites ranging from high-ranking government officials, ministry/provincial level CIO¡¯s to government IT advisors/experts and changing their perception on Microsoft from against to favor/neutral

?            Ensuring most of MS products are compliant with China national standards

?            Establishing MS as the top supplier in the local eGovernment buildouts

?            Making inroads on the enterprise/central government markets which have long been dominated by IBM/Oracle/SAP

?            Growing the sub revenue at high double digit CAGR YOY

?            Establishing 20+ (mostly profitable) Local Microsoft Technology Centers(LMTC) through alignment with local governments(MOU), due diligence of potential partners, knowledge transfer, start up fund injection, regular management/ leadership training, business review, etc.

?            Drastically improving the relationship with the analyst community and the public as evidenced by numerous top stories and positive media/analyst interviews published on every major IT media

4-2002 to 11-2004    Managing Director of Optoelectronics Research Lab,

                                    Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research  Institute (ASTRI) (


                                    Led a group of optoelectronic scientists/engineers on developing state-of-the-art optoelectronics packaging technologies which have all been successfully transferred to Japan TDK¡¯s (World¡¯s leading magnetic and electronics components supplier) SAE subsidiary in China for mass production. The ASTRI¡¯s Optoelectronics Group was later acquired by SAE.

2-01 to 4-2002            VP of Manufacturing & Engineering

                                    New Focus Inc.

                                    ShenZhen, China


                                    New Focus (Nasdaq NUFO) was a leading US supplier of advanced fiber optical components for DWDM systems vendors such as Lucent, Nortel, Alcatel, Huawei, Ciena, Corvis and was listed in Nasdaq as NUFO.  It had revenue of $100M+ in 2000 and manufactured most of its products in ShenZhen, China.


                                    Led New Focus Inc¡¯s (HQed in San Jose, USA) wholly-owned manufacturing facility, a cost center; in ShenZhen by managing technology transfer from US to China, process implementation/improvement, facility build up, production scheduling,  product delivery, cost control, etc.


                                    New Focus manufacturing was shut down in 4-2002 due to the .com crash


8-98 to 1-01:            Director of Marketing and Technical Support; and Managing Director

                                    AP/China Region

                   Optical Fiber Solutions Group

                  Lucent Technologies

                                    Led and managed effort on promotion, pre-sale (technical presentation, bids and proposal), contract negotiation, and post-sale deployment for Lucent¡¯s DWDM-based advanced fiber optical products-NZDSF fiber, specialty fibers-erbium doped fiber and dispersion compensation fiber; optical cable, erbium-doped optical amplifiers, fiber optical  apparatus/components, monitoring systems, etc. Served as Technology Transfer Liaison between Lucent Optical Solutions Headquarter in Atlanta and Lucent China optical fiber JV¡¯s in Beijing and Shanghai.


                                    Managed professional staff of 40+ people located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong of China, Hong Kong, and Taipei of Taiwan.


                                    Generated revenue of $100M in 1998, $150M in 1999, and $250M in 2000.


                                   Major China accounts include China Telecom , China Mobile, China Unicom , China NetCom, Guangdong Eastern Fibernet, Provincial PTA¡¯s,  major metropolitan PTB¡¯s and CATV operators. Major A/P accounts are: Taiwan Chung-Hwa Telecom, Eastern Broadband, United Fiber; Malaysia Incofirm; Australia Telstra, NextGen,and Swiftel; India Bharti.


8-96 to 7-98:               Senior Project Manager, Operation Support Systems

                                    Lucent Technologies Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


                                    Managed deployment of  Saudi Arabia¡¯s TEP-6 (Telecom Expansion Project Phase 6) national long distance fiber optic transmission surveillance, control, and performance monitoring system, and  billing data collection system for Lucent  land-line switching service nodes and GSM mobile switching centers. The operations support systems¡¯ hardware platforms were HP/Sun/NCR computers linked by Cisco IP (2500/4500) router-based data network..


5-95 to 8-96                Senior Project Manager, Operation Support Systems

                                    AT & T China, Beijing, PRC


                                    Managed deployment and customer support of network management systems for AT&T's China market.


                                    Major accounts were China Telecom and numerous Provincial PTA¡¯s.


6-94 to 5-95                Senior Technical Support Manager

                                    AT&T China, Guangzhou and Beijing, PRC


                                    Led efforts on pre-sale in-depth technical presentation, tender proposal preparation, technical clarification, and feature specification negotiation for AT&T¡¯s minicomputer-based (HP/Sun/NCR) operations support systems. Instrumental for making AT&T the top vendor of OS systems in China market.


3-90 to 5-94                Principal System Engineer/Product Manager, Operations Support Systems

                                    AT&T Network Systems, Red Hill, New Jersey


                                    Responsible for system feature specification and product arrangement for several of AT&T¡¯s computer-based transmission network operations support systems.


8-87 to 3-90                CIM Network Manager

                                    AT&T Network Systems, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey


                                    Led efforts on computer integrated automation for AT&T¡¯s numerous manufacturing facilities.


2-84 to 8-87                Senior Member of Technical Staff

                                    AT&T Bell Labs, Princeton, New Jersey


                                    Responsible for the development/deployment of computer and data network-based factory automation systems for AT&T¡¯s manufacturing facilities.

 1981 to 1984               Senior Research Engineer, Computer Integrated Manufacturing on Honeywell platforms

                                    EXXON Research and Engineering Lab

                                    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 1978 to 1981               Senior Research Engineer, Computer Integrated Manufacturing on DEC platforms

                                    Owens-Corning Fiberglas Research Center

                                    Columbus, Ohio


Numerous publications in the areas of fiber optic network design and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).

Address: No.186. Taishan south street.Xipu. Chengdu. Sichuan. China