Chen HongyiMay 6, 2014

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VP of Engineering

Processor Group and Application Processor R&D


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      Joined Marvell: December 2003

Previous Positions at Marvell


VP of Engineering-Processor Group

Dec 03-Now





Positions Prior to Marvell


ASICA, CEO and Founder (company sold to marvell)

2001 - 2003

picoTurbo, President, CTO, and Founder

1998 - 2001

Samsung, Senior ARM Design Manager

1996 - 1998

AMD, K6 and Low Power X86 CPU Staff Architect

1994 - 1996

Sun Microsystems, Sparc Microprocessor MTS Designer

1990 - 1993

Philips ¨C Signetics, Design Engineer

1989 - 1990


Academic Background


M.S. Computer Engineering

Syracuse University

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Chungyuan University




Key Accomplishments

Marvell: Developed PJ1/PJ4 processor for Cellphone and Consumer Business Unit (CCBU)

Delivered Avenger system for CCBU product-netbook

Developed multiple platforms for consumer products: Aspen, Dove

Built foundation of Marvell¡¯s multiprocessor hardware/software ecosystems

picoTurbo: Founder and CTO of pT100, 110, 120 (the only ARM Rival in the 90s)

AMD: Key Architect and Designer for the AMD K6 Processor (Intel PentiumII Rival)

Sun Micro: Key designer for Sun SPARC processor(MicroSPARC, SuperSPARC, SunSPARC5, SPARC10







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