School of Architectural EngineeringApril 30, 2014


School of Architectural Engineering


General Introduction


The school has 4 teaching and researching groups, namely construction engineering group, architectural decoration engineering group, construction equipment engineering group and architectural art group. Our on-campus training centers include building materials laboratory, construction equipment laboratory, architectural models exhibition, construction engineering training center, building cost training center and we have7 off-campus training bases. The school has established good relationship with many research institutes, design firms and construction companies and is also strongly supported by government and industry association. There are 6 majors as follows: construction engineering technology, architectural decoration engineering technology, heat supplying and air conditioning engineering technology, environmental art designing, art deco designing and building cost. Now there are more than 1800 students studying in the school which is the most in the whole College.

We are making efforts to promote the reform of student training mode and curriculum system. We will emphasize the strength of our teaching staff and improve experimental training condition and social service capability. Meanwhile, we are paying attention to adopt new teaching methods such as task-driven, project-oriented and situational teaching.


Introduction of Majors

 Profession Introduction of Construction

Engineering Technology

Training Objective:High skilled and talented persons are trained in architectural engineering college,who are trained with social morality and hard working;who adjust to socialist modernization;whose moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic are full-growing;wo must predominate the necessary cultural and scientific basic knowledge;who must predominate construction engineering technology knowledge;who adjust to requirements of the development of modern architecture;who have good team spirit and collaboration;who are highly skilled person who are able to do the building construction management,the quality management,the security management,the cost management,the project management.

Main Courses:Architectural drawing,construction material,building construction,architectural CAD,construction engineering survey,construction structure,construction technology,organization and management of construction, measurement and valuation of construction engineering.

Professional Features:We always establish competency-based and student-centered educational philosophy.During the training course,we actively practice personnel training method of school-enterprise cooperation,also we company with many enterprise to bring up the skilled person,we strengthen the method of industry cooperation and production and education cooperation.The college students who are educated in architectural engineering college are popular with the companies.

Achievement Teaching:The college student in architectural engineering college won the second unit prize award in the first Construction Skills Competition of ¡°Lu Ban Cup¡±;but also won the second unit prize award and the individual first prize in the second ¡°Swell BIM Cup¡± software Competition all of the countryside college.

Job achieving:High skilled and talented persons are trained in architectural engineering college,who will work in the construction engineering company,in the installation engineering company, professional engineering company(include building waterproofing, foundation treatment), real-estate development company, supervision company, construction unit and so on,who will do the projection organization, do the construction management in the work site,do the quality acceptance,keep construction safety,do the materials testing,manage the technical information,do the building cost,and so on.

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