School of Mechanical EngineeringApril 30, 2014

School of Mechanical Engineering

General Introduction

Mechanical Engineering profession opened in 1958, based on which established Mechanics and Electricity Department in 1989. Then it was renamed the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Automation in 1996, and finally developed the current School of Mechanical Engineering in 2012. We open 5 majors as follows: Mechatronics Technology, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Mold & Die Design and Manufacture, Numerical Control Technology and Vehicle Maintenance Technology. There are 6 training centers, 4 specialized classrooms, a specialized library and 36 off-campus training bases.

We have a wealth of full-time and part-time teachers with practical experienceúČdeep theoretical foundation and industry influence. The school faculty number is 54, including 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 16 lecturers, 5 engineers and 3 technicians, among who 6 teachers hold Doctorí»s Degree and 12 possess Masterí»s Degree.

Our task is to train students to be educated and qualified graduates for society in the field of mechanical engineering. Over 50 years, we have cultivated generations of talented students. They are bold, enterprising, conscientious, hard-working and ready to take responsibilities and devoted to work, dedicating to country with their youth, talent and wisdom.

Introduction of Major

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Education Objective: This program aims to foster students with fundamental engineering concepts and the techniques applied in engineering practices. They can be employed in a range of fields such as machinery manufacturing technology and processing equipment designúČequipment management, computer-aided design and manufacturing and so on.

Main Courses: Principle of Microcomputer, Mechanical Graphing, Computer-aided Drawing , Engineering Mechanics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Foundation of Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacturing Processes, Mechanical Manufacturing Equipment Design, CNC Technology, Mold Design and Manufacturing , CAD / CAM Technology and so on.



Education Objective: This program cultivates students to have creative spirit and well professional ethics, to master the application technology of mechatronics in future career, to possess the practical skills and ability in work, to know well the applications, maintenance, installation, commissioning, sales and management of mechatronical products and equipments, ultimately enable them to be highly qualified, well skilled talents to community needs.

Main Courses: Mechanical Graphing, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Foundation of Mechanical Engineering , Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology, Principle of Single-Chip Computer, Mechanical and Electrical Control and PLC, Mechatronics, Assembly and Commissioning of Electromechanical Equipment, Installation and Repair Technology of Electromechanical Equipment, Maintenance and Management of Electromechanical Equipment,  Project Management of Elevator and so on.


Vehicle Maintenance Technology

Education Objective: This major fosters qualified engineering talents with well professional ethics and skills to work on vehicle detectioníómaintenance and other related field.

Main Courses: Mechanical Graphing, Foundation of Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulic and Pneumatic TechnologyúČElectrical and Electronic Technology, Principle of Engine and Theory of Automotive, Construction and Maintenance of Automotive Engine, Construction and Maintenance of Automotive Chassis, Vehicle Fault Diagnosis and Repair, Principle and Maintenance of Automotive Electrical Equipment, High-level Skills and Training of Specialty Vehicle Repair.


CNC Technology

Education Objective: This program trains students with fundamental engineering concepts, methods and CNC techniques used in practice, who is managed in a range of fields such as NC programming, NC machine operation, manufacturing and maintenance of CNC machine tools, sales and other technical services and so on.

Main Courses: Mechanical Graphing, Engineering Mechanics, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Foundation of Mechanical Design, Computer-aided Drawing, Principle of Computer, Mechanical and Electrical Control and PLC, Manufactural Technology of Machinery, CNC Principle, CNC Programming, NC Machine Tool Failure Diagnosis and Maintenance, CAD / CAM.


Mold design and manufacturing

Education Objective: This major enables students to master the fundamental concepts, the methods and techniques used in modern mold&die design and manufacturing, to be familiar with the structure of the plastic mold and stamping die, to possess the ability of design and manufacturing of mold&die, and to became fully skilled talents in a career such as design, production, management, checkout of mole&die.

Main Courses: Mechanical Graphing, Engineering Mechanics, Machining Foundation, Mechanical design, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Machinery Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Product design, Metal Stamping Die Design, Plastic Mold Design, Mold Manufacturing Technology, CNC Programming, Mold&die CAD / CAM.

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