School of Material and Environmental ProtectionApril 30, 2014

School of Material and Environmental Protection


General Introduction

School of Material and Environmental Protection has a history of over 70 years. It is one of the most traditional schools of Chengdu Textile College. The school has established 4 fundamental specialties, including dying and finishing technology, polymeric materials processing and engineering technology, environmental monitoring and management, biological technology and application. Besides, we have another 4 professions, namely, fine chemical production technology, food nutrition and testing, industrial analysis and testing and textile art. In total, there are 8 majors available. In 2013, the school started to prepare Material Science and Engineering major which was supported by Sichuan Provincial Educational Department for undergraduate students.  

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School of Material and Environmental Protection

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Material Science and Engineering (undergraduate level)

In 2013, School of Material and Environmental Protection started to provide undergraduate education on the major of material science and engineering. The objective is to train the students with comprehensive, advanced and applicable knowledge in this field. During the study period, different courses are arranged, including college English, mathematics, computer science, Auto CAD, Polymer molding principle, fabric material science, etc. The undergraduates are able to start their career related to material production and development, quality control, as well as marketing management.



Dying and Finishing Technology


As one of the fundamental and earliest founded majors, dying and finishing technology is always considered as the ¡®brand¡¯ of our school. It is also a traditional industry in China. Although this major is only opened for college students, it always attracts more attentions. The experienced teaching staff has arranged lots of theoretical and practical courses and trainings during the three-year learning period. The graduated students shall be equipped with complex, advanced knowledge as well as sophisticated skills, which would make them easy to start their future career in this industry.


Polymeric Materials Processing Technology      


Polymeric materials are now playing an important role in our daily lives, and more advanced technology, polymeric materials and related products would definitely meet the future needs. Therefore, students applied for this major would be trained with the most fundamental knowledge as well as latest skills in this field. By the end of their education, they could be easily starting their career in any polymeric material enterprises. Their positions would be material production, quality control, marketing management, as well as testing.



Environmental Monitoring and Management


In the past several years, more and more concerns were put onto environmental conditions in China. Consequently, the environment related industries started to attract more attentions by both administrations and academic sectors. Therefore, our school founded environmental monitoring and management major in 2011. After over 2 years¡¯ development, this major has already become one of the key-developing majors. The students are provided with various environment-related courses, for example, water pollution control technology, industrial wastewater treatment technology, air pollution management, solid waste management, etc. Meanwhile, different practical training programs are also compulsory. The graduated students shall be able to fulfill the requirements for most environmental management related positions.



Bio-Technology and Application


Bio-pharmacy, food production and safety, modern agriculture, low-carbon living are all related to bio-technology development nowadays. The application of bio-technology could significantly reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, achieve waste recycling, minimize pollutants emission and most importantly contribute to economic sustainable development. The students are going to be trained by highly professional lecturers and experimentalist with basic and state-of-art knowledge. After a 3-year training, they will be equipped with both theory background and practical skills, and be able to start a job related to application research, testing, technology development as well as management.



Nutrition and Testing


Food safety is currently a hot-debating topic in the Chinese society. More and more issues related to food security have been exposed to the public and draw many attentions. The development of food nutrition and testing major follows closely to the trend of national food industry, and provide the applied students with basic and complex knowledge. There are several directions available, including food nutrition and production, testing, quality control, safety monitoring, sales, logistic and marketing. The graduates are well skilled.



Industrial Analysis and Testing


Industrial analysis and testing plays a vital role in the national economical development. It is always considered as the ¡®eye¡¯ of technology. Analysis and testing technology is also an important and fundamental method in life science, material science, environmental science, food technology, and pharmacy industry. With the rapid development of urbanization and industrialization, the quality standards of industrial products have been increased. Therefore, the assessment and evaluation of such product would become stricter. Such situations provide more opportunities students on this major.


Address: No.186. Taishan south street.Xipu. Chengdu. Sichuan. China