School of Textile EngineeringApril 30, 2014

School of Textile Engineering


General Introduction

The School of Textile Engineering is one of the traditional departments in our college. It can be traced back to the establishment of the Dyeing and Weaving Department of National Central of Polytechnic College in 1939. Based on the teaching &researching sections of cotton spinning, cotton weaving, knitting and textile material, in Feb. 1989, the Textile Department was established, then, in March 2012, the School of Textile Engineering was founded.

There are 2 professional teaching & researching sections, 1 training center (including the Textile Testing Center, Textile Designing Center and Training Factory) and 19 off-campus practice bases. Modern textile technology£¨Knitting Technology and Knitting Clothing£¨Textile Inspection and Trade Profession£¨Design and Application of Apparel Materials£¨Textile Decoration Art and Design were offered as the top 5 majors.


Introduction of Majors

Modern Textile Technology

Modern textile technology has been an important major since the school was built. It has 74-year history. A lot of administrative and technical talents are trained to work in the textile industry. We focus on training specialized technical personnel to meet the demand of modern textile industry. We are always making efforts to cultivate comprehensively qualified and well skilled graduates who know how to design, to operate and to administrate.


Knitting Technology and Knitting Clothing


Knitting Technology and Knitting Clothingopened in 1981. It aims to equip students with basic knowledge of knitting and garment design as well as understanding of textile materials, textile pattern design and clothing design, and enable them to do related design.


Textile Inspection and Trade Profession


We started to enroll students on this major in 2002. It is the industry -support-type major and the training goal is to cultivate students who have knowledge of textile commodity inspection theory, textile testing skills and understand the procedure of textile trade and textile quality management. At the same time, the students are required to be able to understand the common used English on this major to adapt to the modern production and market economy.


Design and Application of Apparel Materials


Design and Application of Apparel Materials profession started to enroll students in 2002. Its training goal is to cultivate comprehensively qualified students who are able to catch fabric trends and do fashion designs. The students should study knowledge of textile materials, textile pattern design, fabric design, fabric processing process, fabric identification, fabric production management and trade. The graduates on this major can come to positions related to popular fabric design, fabric trade, production line management professional design, technical management and marketing.


Textile Decoration Art and Design


This major opened in 2002. It aims to cultivate students to be creative in modern household textile art design and have the knowledge of textile materials, textile pattern and jacquard fabric design. They are also required to be familiar with related software.



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